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Let Sevag M Speak For Us!

"Edit August 15. I just want to praise the work and customer service of one of the resellers in Quebec Canada, Bullfrog Spas Laval , Martin the owner with the tech, stayed till night to make sure everything works and giving us a crash course on how to operate the M9. Yes it’s $$$ but worth every penny ! Bullfrog Spas just wow! Soon a full video coming on my YouTube! What a great experience. Crazy but great, you do not see this level of customer service now a days, after 2020. We went In for a small piece , a valve check for my current spa that was bought from ClubPiscine, after going in rounds, searching for the part, half of the spa sellers did not even know what that was, As a matter of fast, the operations director, Linda, the lady that was in store, jumped to help and see if she can locate the part, to order it for us, even though we never have had bought the spa from Bullfrog, guess what, just because of that, the above and beyond customer service, is making me look into purchasing a spa from Bullfrog, just for the treatment and spending 25K+ on a new spa. This is whah customer service is, this is what canada is about it. I highly suggest giving Bullfrog a visit for all your spa needs. They go above and beyond. I’ll update this review once I finalize my purchase and if we come to an agreement of investing 25k+ on a new spa. It all depends how satisfactory and willing to gain new clients ok their end 🙂 good job 👏"

Sevag M